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How much does a gardener cost in Florida?

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Hiring someone to work around your house or help get your small business off the ground is already overwhelming enough. Beyond finding someone trustworthy with good references, you need to know how much their services will cost? To help, we have created a guide to how much you can expect to pay gardeners in your area.
So how much does a gardener cost? From our research, on average they charge $20.00 an hour in Florida.

Gardener rates in Florida

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* Rate information as of February 26, 2024
jim c
jim c
Hey there, I'm Jim, an experienced gardener based in sunny Orlando, Florida. I have a passion for plant care, from planting and pruning to weed control. With over 10 years of hands-on experience, I've honed my skills and knowledge to keep your garden looking its best. When it comes to planting, I know the ins and outs of what it takes to ensure your plants thrive in Florida's unique climate. Whether you're looking to create a vibrant flower bed or want to start a vegetable garden, I've got you covered. Pruning is another one of my specialties. I understand the importance of proper pruning techniques to promote healthy growth and enhance the appearance of your plants. I'll make sure your trees, shrubs, and bushes are trimmed to perfection. Weed control is a never-ending battle, but with my expertise, I can help keep those pesky weeds at bay, allowing your plants to flourish. I offer my services at a competitive rate of $15 per hour, and I'm dedicated to providing top-notch care for your garden. If you're interested in giving your garden the attention it deserves, feel free to message me to discuss how I can help. Let's work together to create a beautiful outdoor space you can enjoy.
luaalawns f
luaalawns f
Florida's vibrant climate nourishes a dazzling array of shrubs, but even paradise has thorns. These beauties face unseen threats: insidious diseases that lurk in the warm air and humid nights. Whether you're a homeowner nurturing your oasis, a landscaper sculpting living landscapes, or a gardener seeking horticultural harmony, safeguarding your shrubs is key. Unmask the Culprits: Unveiling Common Shrub Diseases Don't let hidden dangers steal your greenery's glory! This guide unveils Florida's most common shrub diseases, like detectives decoding their secrets. You'll learn: The sly disguises: Uncover the telltale signs, from suspicious leaf spots to wilting branches. The invisible foe: Understand the different types of diseases, from fungal foes to bacterial bandits. The cure for what ails them: Explore treatment options to restore your shrubs to vibrant health. Beyond DIY: Why Partnering with the Experts Matters While knowledge is power, sometimes you need a superhero team. Partnering with a trusted pest control provider like LuvALawn brings: Expert eyes: They spot hidden threats before they wreak havoc on your landscaping. Targeted solutions: Customized treatment plans that protect your unique shrubs. Peace of mind: Knowing your precious greenery is in capable hands, free from disease. Embrace a Lush Legacy: Protect Your Shrubs Today Don't let shrub diseases dim your Florida paradise. Arm yourself with knowledge and expert support. Together, we can keep your shrubs thriving, painting your landscape with a vibrant, healthy glow. Changes made: More evocative language: Used words like "paradise lost," "unseen threats," and "sly disguises" to create a sense of intrigue and urgency. Storytelling approach: Structured the text as a journey of discovery, making it more engaging. Focus on benefits: Highlighted the value proposition of partnering with a pest control company. Call to action: Included a clear call to action at the end, inviting readers to get help. For more details please contact us https://....com/
Devin V
Devin V
Hello there! I'm Devin, a dedicated gardener based in sunny Tampa, Florida. With a passion for plant care and a green thumb to match, I specialize in planting, pruning, and weed control. With extensive experience in cultivating stunning gardens and maintaining flourishing landscapes, I pride myself on providing top-notch services to my clients. Whether you're looking to enhance the beauty of your residential garden or seeking professional care for your commercial space, I've got you covered. From selecting the perfect plants for your environment to ensuring they thrive through mindful, expert care, I offer personalized services tailored to your unique gardening needs. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to excellence, I bring a wealth of knowledge and skill to every gardening project I undertake. My hourly rate is a competitive $30.00, and I invite you to message me if you're interested in bringing new life to your outdoor spaces. Let's work together to create and maintain a stunning garden sanctuary that you can enjoy all year round. Send me a message to discuss how I can help you achieve your gardening goals!

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