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Hello! I'm Ami. My house is in the Rosweay neighborhood of Portland and the lot is about 7000 sq ft, total. I love working in the garden, but it's too much for me to manage alone. I mean, I can get my partner to help me dig a hole, mow our little bit of grass, and put stuff in the green waste bin, sometimes, on weekends. But I need more help than that. I need someone I can rely on to take care of our front garden on a regular basis (every 2 or 4 weeks) so that I only have to worry about the back garden (and the rest of my life). I am looking for a skilled and knowledgeable gardener that can do regular weeding, deadheading, clean-up, and pruning, as well as occasionally planting and mulching. I would like to work with someone able to distinguish returning perennials from invasive weeds and unwanted plants, diagnose and treat common fungal diseases, and remove weeds from the roots/corms/bulbs. In short, I need someone detail-oriented. I care more about getting it done right than done fast. The full-sun front garden includes drought-tolerant perennials, bulbs, sedums, grasses, and evergreen shrubs. It was originally designed by Garden Stories in 2017. The garden's outer edges feature evergreen shrubs, sedum, and two small deciduous trees (a chocolate mimosa and a crepe myrtle). In the center is a perennial garden. The perennial garden is surrounded by a bluestone path connecting to the driveway, sidewalk, and south side garden. I am slowly replacing any pale-blooming perennials with ones that bloom brightly for a long period (i.e. replacing globe thistle with salvia.) The baptisia, purple coneflowers, and allium millenium are also being considered for replacement. Why? I'm tired of the purple coneflowers falling over, the color of that particular allium is too washed out, and the baptisia would be better if its flowers were bolder. Lastly, I've been adding evergreen shrubs to the central perennial area for the purpose of improving its appearance in the winter. I'm mainly looking for help with this front garden. IF you want MORE work, I can also use help with the side and back gardens. But this is only IF you want more work. The front garden is the priority. The north side garden includes perennial hollyhocks, daffodils, scabiosa, a (recently transplanted) passiflora vine, clematis, and weeds. I've dry set a path of broken concrete pieces along the part of the side garden that extends past the driveway. The south side garden has a mix of desirable plants (daylilies, lilly "trees," violets, fern-leaf bleeding hearts, and a huge cedar tree), two arched trellises, problem plants (tree of heaven, maple trees along the chain-link fence that we keep trying to /remove), and a lot of miscellaneous weeds and volunteers (some of which might be worth keeping). The backyard includes an herb garden, an ever-struggling shade garden (part of which we call "the yoda cave"), a few perennial areas (with unwanted asarum and borage), blackberries, blueberries, an old yellow plum tree, a large lilac, a dappled willow, rose of Sharon, a yew that has been mostly strangled by the rose of Sharon, two bay laurels that are also strangled by other plants, another maple that I keep trying to , a gardenia that needs to be moved, a ceanothus, a few conifers, a witch hazel, a fig, a black sambucus, honeysuckle, forsythia, some blooming vines that I cannot identify, invasive English ivy, roses, and tons of muscari and scilla. We also have a fire pit area, a patio set awaiting the installation of an actual patio, and grass that is perpetually troubled by moss I cannot seem to banish, though not for lack of trying. More about my partner and me, if you're interested (this website says that you probably are, so I'm putting it in): First, we do not have kids or pets, though sometimes the neighbors' pets and toys get into the back yard, usually just Amy (the cat), Chip (the dog), and miscellaneous balls. I'm originally from suburban Detroit, MI, but my partner and I left there in 2003, when I was 28, to go to grad school. We lived in Kansas for two years, then California for nine. We moved to Portland in 2014. I'm an academic, which means I mostly work from home (regardless of COVID). My work includes researching, writing, publishing, and teaching. I specialize in the relationship between television, emotion, and identity politics, but I teach a wide variety of university courses on pop culture, gender and sexuality, race and racism, 20th Century American cultual history, and design thinking. My favorite TV show of all time is Hannibal. My favorite film writer/director is Anders Thomas Jensen. I think The City and The City by China Mieville is an amazing novel. My sci-fi hot take is this: Alien: Covenant redeems Prometheus, to some extent at least. Byron, my partner/husband, was born in Indianapolis, IN, and lived in West Lafayette IN, Fort Worth, TX, and Azle, TX, before moving to Rochester, MI, where we met in high school theatre and fell in love. We were technically broken up during our college years, but we moved in together in 1997 and married in 1999. Although his first college degree was in political theory and Latin American studies, he got a second bachelor's degree and a master's degree in Computer Science. Today, he's a software engineer for Intel, and he also works from home. He has the driest and most wonderful sense of humor of anyone I've ever met. His favorite movies are The Shining, Alien (and sequels), Hellraiser (and sequels up through #6), and The Witch. If you think you'd be a good match for this sort of work, please do reach out. 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